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Hi I’m Josh Gidcumb of CU Realty Group, LLC. Our commitment to exemplary customer service has positioned our firm as a leader in the Champaign-Urbana real estate market.

We specialize in residential and commercial real estate, our team is committed to providing our clients with measurable, value-driven results. Let us help you with your next real estate endeavor.

If you are considering a career in real estate, we are currently seeking agents and brokers in central and southern Illinois areas. Contact Josh at (217) 202-0571.


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CHAMPAIGN-URBANA smart. innovative. micro-urban.

Check out this video. .. Full of lots of great facts about CU area you may not have known!

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Considering a career in Real Estate? Check out this link for more info on partnering with Keller Williams!

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Real Estate is making a real recovery, but there’s another housing crisis just around the corner

CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS — After years of sluggishness, real estate is finally starting to contribute to the overall economic recovery.

The National Association of Realtors recently reported that sales of existing homes in the United States rose 7.8 percent from July to August. The national median sales price has increased six straight months, according to the NAR, and the closely-watched S&P/Case Shiller home price index of the country’s 20 largest metropolitan areas has advanced for three straight months. Housing starts and building permit applications are also up significantly.

Although home values seem to be slowly but steadily rising, homes are still affordable. With interest rates on home loans at rock-bottom lows, affordability also exists somewhat independent of home prices in terms of monthly payment amounts. These conditions, along with pent-up demand during the years when potential buyers were not confident enough to buy, indicate that supply will lag demand.

Local real estate broker Josh Gidcumb said: “I’m not an economist, but most people can understand simple supply and demand, and it’s easy to see that turning around the other way. When you combine affordability with the return of buyers’ confidence in real estate, demand grows. It’s a legitimate concern that supply won’t be able to keep up. We’re not in immediate danger of another real estate bubble, but you can expect that prices will rise steadily in the short term and have a real chance of spiking if supply can’t keep up.”

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Josh has since transitioned in the Real Estate industry with a personal goal of providing his expertise to his clients.  In addition to his financial services experience, his wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Finance has proven to be the most valuable service his clients are able to leverage by utilizing his services.

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 CU REALTY GROUP, LLC is currently expanding operations to meet the demands of customers in our Illinois markets, and if you are as excited and motivated as we are we want you to be a part of it!  Don’t just simply take our word for it, see for yourself why Keller Williams is positioned at the top of the real estate market and recognized as the 2nd largest firm in the United States before you decide to join another firm.


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TIF/Enterprize Zone incentives may apply for commercial use.

In Coal/Oil/Natural Gas developing area of Hamilton County.

Check out these properties that may qualify for the Abundant TIF and Enterprize Zone Incentives.

For more information contact City of McLeansboro City Clerk, Rita Crain at (618) 643-2723.


September 24, 2012 · 9:53 pm

In the News: Coal Mine Transforming McLeansboro

HAMILTON COUNTY — A major transformation in McLeansboro is underway in anticipation of new jobs coming to the area. White Oak Resources plans to open a new coal mine next year. McLeansboro officials say that means the city’s economy will boom. Looking at the McLeansboro’s square, you’ll notice empty store fronts and boarded up windows. It appears the town is barely holding on. But if you look closer, you’ll see that’s all about to change. “We’re seeing a lot of development,” said Mayor Dick Dietz. “They’ve really made a couple buildings down here really nice,” said resident Patricia Irvin.Irvin is noticing the change first hand as she prepares to open her first restaurant. She says one key thing prompted her to open in the town square.”We know that the coal mines are coming in, we know that they’re hiring from town, yes, absolutely big incentive,” she said.Just a few miles out of town, the underground coal mine is preparing to open for business. Mayor Dietz said once it does, it means hundreds of new jobs for the area and hundreds of new residents to serve. So he’s working to completely revamp the town.

“This has opened up a lot of opportunity for more businesses, more sales tax,” said Dietz.

For the past ten months, Mayor Dietz has worked closely with independent developer and realtor Josh Gidcumb. Since then, sidewalks have been replaced, vacant buildings have been sold and an old hospital and business have been torn down to make way for a new park.

“You can see the improvements, you can see our square changing,” said Dietz.

And Gidcumb said the changes are just beginning.

“(Next year) you should notice a lot of these older buildings, renovated back to what they were initially in the early 1900s so you’ll start seeing facades on the buildings,” said Gidcumb.

Gidcumb is working on attracting more small retail and manufacturing businesses to finish filling up the downtown and preparing to give the courthouse square a facelift. Hopefully restoring McLeansboro to the place life long residents, like the mayor, remember fondly.

“I’m just tickled to death to see the downtown renovated to where it was back when I grew up as a kid,” said Dietz.

The coal mine is expected to open sometime next spring, and will soon be looking to hire miners. City officials are anticipating a boom in real estate with the new jobs.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Abundant TIF & EZ Incentives in the Coal/Oil/Natural Gas Developing area of Hamilton County!

TIF/Enterprise Zone incentives may apply if developed/utilized for commercial use. For more information contact Rita Crain, City of McLeansboro City Clerk at (618) 643-2723.

Commercial Properties Available in Hamilton County, IL

Offical Links to  TIF and Enterprise Zone sites

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CU Realty Group brings another business to the Square

Courtesy of McLeansboro Times Leader

Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce welcomed two new businesses to McLeansboro’s downtown square with ribbon-cutting ceremonies last week. In top photo, Tina Craddock, owner of Splash Ink, a custom shirt shop, cuts the ribbon for the business which opened July 19 at 110 E. Market St.; directly behind Craddock is Splash Ink employee Maggie Abbott, and to Abbott’s left are Craddock’s son, Garrett, and husband, Scott. Keith York, fourth from left, and Karen Edwards, fifth from right, were contractors on the remodeling project.

If you or your business are intersted in relocating to the McLeansboro area, click here to view and search our active listings or contact Josh directly at 217-202-0571.

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