Resolutions to Start the New Year Right

We’ve got New Year’s resolutions for your home that  you can achieve in one step.

Resolution #1: Make the most of your storage  space.
One-step solution: Donate or pitch everything  you haven’t used in a year.

goodwill donations

The first step in gaining storage space is  decluttering. We’ve got ideas for how  to responsibly get rid of hazardous materials, old technology, kids’ stuff,  books, and more. Bonus: It won’t cost you a penny.

Resolution #2 Use less energy.
One-step  solution: Install a programmable  thermostat.

programmable thermostat

The bulk of your energy costs in 2013 will be spent heating  and cooling your home. Put a dent in that bill with a thermostat that’ll  keep your house comfortable when you’re home to enjoy it, and saves energy when  you’re not. You’ll spend less than $100 for a basic model, and can save as much  as $180 per year.

Resolution #3: Beef up your  home security.
One-step solution: Install  outdoor motion  sensor lights.

motion sensor light
These lights, which plug into ordinary wall outlets,  provide a security boost by illuminating your home’s exterior when anything  moves outside. They take minutes to install and cost anywhere from  $13-$145.


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