Regardless of your political persuasion today, tomorrow, or at any point in the future; I ask you all to please remember those brave men and women that have fought and passed for our freedoms for more than a century.  Due to their commitment, sacrifice and belief in the freedoms that many take for granted; we are all blessed to have the opportunity to walk behind the curtain and check-the-box for those we feel are worthy of upholding the duty they are campaigning for.   


I generally deter from engaging in a political discussion online, and with that I plan to do the same here.  However, I do think it is imperative to bring these numbers to the forefront considering the upcoming election.  My aim is to simply share with my readers….quite frankly nonetheless…some embarrassing stats that I hope you keep highly elevated on your own radar when you venture behind that curtain to cast your right-to-vote. 


I am a firm believer of finding the good… in the bad, seeking opportunity in places that it may not be obvious to most, and always waiting for that one moment… when the sun peeks from the clouds on a dreary day.  After internalizing the facts below from the Illinois Policy Institute, the good news is that we have plenty of upside to tackle.

 #47 is looking attractive already!   



Illinois’ state debt:

•Illinois’ total state debt is $271 billion

•Illinois’ state debt has ballooned to $51,000 per household

•Illinois has roughly $8.5 billion in unpaid bills

•Illinois will spend more on pensions than on education by 2016


Illinois’ economic performance:

 •39 states have a lower unemployment rate than Illinois

•It will take 43 months for Illinois’ unemployment rate to recover to its pre-recession low, given the current pace of job creation and assuming no growth in the labor force

•Unemployment in Chicago is stalled at 10.5%

•Illinois is 47th in job growth

•Illinois is 48th in economic outlook

•Illinois is 48th in economic performance

•Illinois is 48th in net domestic migration

•Illinois is 48th in average workers’ compensation costs


•The rate of entrepreneurship in Illinois has been below the national average every year since 1996, with the exception of 2001

•Chicago is tied with Detroit for the worst entrepreneurship rate among the 15 largest metropolitan areas in the country

•Illinois has had 12 credit downgrades since 2008

•Illinois has more units of local government than any other state in the nation

•Illinois hiked state income taxes by 67%

•Rate of entrepreneurship below national average last 15 of 16 years

•Worst credit rating in the nation

•Illinois has had 12 credit downgrades since 2008

•Illinois’ unemployment rate is 9.1%

•Illinois unemployment has increased for three straight months


Illinois’ pensions:

•Illinois has the worst funded pension in the nation

•Illinois’ pension inaction costs the state $18 million per day

•Illinois pension funds need 19 percent annual investment returns in order to pay for the promised benefits


Illinois’ health care:

 •Medicaid reimbursement rates are among the worst in the nation


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