Spin the Web of Your Dreams in as Many Directions as You Can.

So I got back to Champaign last night, after another exciting round of Southern Illinois real estate activity! The last few days have been extremely productive. I have had great conversations with clients, good fun with friends and many hours working to deliver the service that my team prides itself on providing. Looking back over the last few days, I have realized that my journey has been packed full of twists, turns, surprises and victories. Synonymous with a spider web one could say, although not necessarily as predictable as a spider might approach it. When we were putting the girls to bed last night, they couldnt wait to show me their latest creative project. To my surprise, they had made a spider web that spans all 4 corners of Petra’s room! My message to my daughters last night and and everyone else today……Keep up the creative approach to life, and spin the web of your dreams in as many directions as you can. Who says all spider webs have to look the same anyway?


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