URGENT INFORMATION REQUEST: Hamilton County Development Foundation

I am assisting in the coordination of establishing a community development foundation locally.   In order to gather as much information as possible, I would like to request that any documentation you may have on the below items be sent to me via email to josh@curealtygroupllc.com at your earliest convenience.  Some of the items that I am seeking information for, from local resources such as yourself, are as follows:

1. Governmental  pronouncements/statements/resolutions/etc:

Copies of any pronouncements/statements/resolutions, reports, studies, etc., by the city or the county (including:  the Hamilton County Economic Development Commission;Chamber of Commerce,Utility Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc) that could  bolster our argument.  It would be very useful to know about any sort of local government statements, rulings, local economic studies, reports etc., indicating or conveying:

·  McLeansboro needs to be revitalized, redeveloped, beautified, etc.

·  The government (city or county or both) considers this to be its responsibility

·  The government can’t afford to take on the work (for whatever reason)

·  The government would like a private nonprofit organization to take on the work or assist in other ways

….Or even anything similar or remotely related, including local newspaper articles.  The statements don’t need to be about the whole town – they could be discussing any of the specific projects in the city or county (e.g., the courthouse landscaping, improving parks,  donations of real property to the city/county/ by other locals, new city/county developments, road work, grant funding received, etc.).

2. Details on any state or federal governmental funding that may have occured recently in the area:

I’m looking for documented details that describe any other instances of State/Fed government grants, low-interest loans, road improvements, or other types of funding the city/county/etc have or are applying for on specific projects.  These are very helpful in showing the IRS that the local and state governments consider the projects to be valuable and worth carrying on locally.

3.  City/county/state-provided facilities:

Are you aware of any local governments selling real property below market price, taking losses on other economic activities, allowing free or donated use of real property in the area, etc?  Any facts like this would be extrememly useful.

4. Statistics, reports, studies:

Any statistics or other indicators showing that McLeansboro and Hamilton County are more impoverished, more blighted, have higher unemployment, etc., than the surrounding areas/counties (or the state, or the nation as a whole) would also be very helpful.  These items would specifically help to support cause, and show how we are combating community deterioration locally.  These could just be statistics taken from the last census about median income and unemployment, or they could be full studies or reports from local government or private sources.  I would assume that there may have been some reports or studies conducted when the Enterprise Zone and TIF areas were established — often local government decisions like these are backed up with reports about the area, etc.

Other very useful information needed would be a summary economic census for the county, detailed maps of the Enterprise Zone and TIF areas, etc.

If you have access to share any of the above information with me, it would truly be appreciated. Should you have any questions pertaining to this matter or you would simply like to discuss this in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention,



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