Urgent Request For Your Support: McLeansboro, IL Streetscape Beautification Project ITEP 2012

As you may have heard in the recent months, I have been assisting in the coordination of a local project that involves much input & support from the city/county/local residents and small business owners as well.   On behalf of the City & County board/s, we are extremely excited and blessed to have such an unprecedented opportunity arise for the residents of McLeansboro and Hamilton County.

We are currently seeking Federal funds, that are to be administered at the State level via the Illinois Department of Transportation for a streetscape beautification project centered in McLeansboro.  The funding we are pursuing is specifically available through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (aka-ITEP).  For the 2012 application year, IDOT announced in January that there are $50 million worth of available funds statewide through the ITEP program that local taxing authorities may seek in order to enhance their community’s streetscape and transportation systems (see attached memo)

We are initially proposing a streetscape beautification project that targets the courthouse lawn area at this time.  Below you will find a preliminary sketch of what we envision the courthouse lawn renovations could look like:

In anticipation of approval we are welcoming, encouraging & seeking ideas and feedback from local residents that would allow this space to be utilized in a flexible capacity in order to accommodate many functions such as the Fall Festival and other area events.

In an effort to demonstrate the communities need for this funding, I am specifically writing to obtain your support for this project.  If would would please sign and return the letter of support to Josh via email at josh@curealtygroupllc.com.

Additionally, I would encourage you to disseminate this information to as many others in the community as possible to obtain their signature for support as well.  Should you like to discuss any details of the project, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  I am always available and eager to ensure that your questions or concerns are answered timely.


– Josh


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