C-U Race Weekend Is Almost Here!

With a total of 20,000 runners and walkers sharing our streets Friday evening and Saturday morning, a little planning will go a long way toward making your spectating, errands, or commuting go smoothly. The information below will ensure all have a great time this weekend.

  • Course Map shows what parts of town are affected by the races.
  • Beltway Map shows how to get across town without running into race traffic.
  • Table of Course Impact Times tells you when we estimate that runners will first appear at various mile markers on the course during the marathon, as well as the peak runner volume and the last runners. You can use this information to plan viewing and in-town travel on race day. In Urbana, roads will be closed until the cleanup crews have passed. Cross-traffic will be allowed before roads reopen, after the peak runner volume has passed and safe gaps appear between runners. In Champaign, no roads are closed, but cars must yield to runners.
  • Within the Loop is especially useul for people surrounded by the race course.

And don’t forget to check out Live TV coverage on WCIA, starting at 8 a.m.

April 26-28, 2012


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