How Many Planets Does it Take to Support your Lifestyle?

With Earth Day coming this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to share this Carbon Footprint Calculator I found. Follow the quiz and see the impact you are having on our Planet.

I would love to hear how many planets it takes to support your lifestyle, please comment below.

Here are a few community events this weekend that will help you and your family get in touch with nature.

At the Anita Purves Nature Center on April 21 from 11am-1pm, visitors can check out the work of Sally Bliss Nolan. The exhibit entitled “One View of Nature” displays graphite pencil drawings and digital photography that depict close of observations of nature. Objects such as plants, insects, and animal skulls are all represented in a unique way to highlight the artist’s perspective.

Also at the Nature Center on April 21 from 1-3pm, visitors can take part in our annual Earth Day Celebration.  Participants will explore the field station and observation room and learn more about the beauty of mother earth. There will even be an opportunity for visitors to become an artist by creating a food chain craft made out of recyclable materials.

At Meadowbrook Park on April 21you can see the work of Jeff Zahos, Tony Reomer, and Robert Brown in an exhibit entitled “Resonance: Touch here. Listen.”  People will experience a new form of listening and connect with the world around them through a heightened sense of touch. Participants will learn what it feels like to communicate with themselves and others without saying a word. The event will begin around 7pm near when it gets dark. Official hours have not been determined at this time.


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