Did You Know….COW TIPPING is a Myth!

Think back to the last time you heard someone regale you with tales of sneaking up on a sleeping, upright cow and pushing her over for fun.

The problem with these stories? Cows don’t sleep standing up.

It’s impossible to tip a cow! 

Cow tipping is a pretty harmless tall tale, but other myths about farming can be downright deceptive. Here are a couple examples:

Tall Tale: Farms are run by faceless corporations.

TRUTH: 94% of Illinois farms are family farms. Farmers grow healthy food for their families and yours.

Tall Tale:  There are antibiotics in my milk.

TRUTH: There are NO antibiotics in the milk you drink. If a cow is given medicine, she is milked separately and her milk is discarded. Milk is tested for antibiotics before it even leaves the milk truck. If the smallest trace is detected, the entire batch is thrown away.

Tall Tale: The fat is corn-fed beef is bad for you.

TRUTH: The marbling in a steak is monounsaturated fat. It’s the same “good for you” fat as olive oil.

Don’t fall for tales about farming.

Join the Cow Tipping Debunking team at FarmingForYou.org!


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