Surviving Severe Winter Storms

Inevitably, the Severe Winter Weather has arrived in our area.  Here are a few important tips to keep you safe if a winter storm occurs:

  • Stay inside.
  • If you must go outside, avoid over exertion
  • Dress warmly in layers of loose-fitting, light-weight clothing.
  • Keep dry and remember to wear hats and mittens.
  • Do not travel in a vehicle. If you must travel, never travel alone.

If a Blizzard Traps you on the Road:

  • Don’t panic. Stay in the vehicle.
  • Avoid over exertion and exposure.
  • Keep down-wind window slightly open for fresh air.
  • Run engine/heater sparingly.
  • Beware of carbon monoxide.
  • Exercise by clapping hands and moving legs, but don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t let anyone sleep at the same time.

These useful tips should keep you safe in the event you find yourself facing a winter storm.

Do you have more ideas for protecting yourself from severe winter weather? I’d love to hear them; please leave your comments below!


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